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With over 280 5-star reviews, Cohen Family Smiles located near Mohegan Lake would love to be your Child’s next Pediatric Dentist.


Parents Should Know About Pediatric Dentistry

How kids’ mouths work To be a good parent, you should know how your child’s mouth and teeth grow. Your child’s first teeth are made before birth, but they are hidden by gums. A baby’s first teeth come in between the ages of two and three years after birth. Your child’s baby teeth act as spacers and placeholders for their adult teeth. Even though baby teeth are only there for a short time, they can still get cavities and infections, which can be painful.

The first time you take your child to the dentist should be soon after the first baby teeth come in. As early as age one, both the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Academy of Pediatrics say that kids should have an oral health risk screening every six months.

What to Expect When You Go


Your Cohen Family Smiles pediatric dentist team will do the following during this first visit exam:

  1. Check out your kid’s teeth.
  2. Go over food and dietary issues again and give advice.
  3. Give instructions on how to properly clean your teeth.
  4. Advice to help your child break bad habits that could hurt their tooth health.
  5. Advise parents on how to clean your child’s teeth

Every child should have a good start in life, and taking care of their teeth is a big part of that. Kids need regular cleanings to get rid of plaque and stop cavities, just like adults do. Parents need to know how important it is for their kids to have healthy teeth and get regular dental care. This is because a child’s teeth affect how they look and how well they can eat and talk. We can help you with questions about kids’ dentistry in Yorktown Heights, NY, or to make an appointment for kids’ dental care in the 10598 zip code. Just call our Cohen Family Smiles office at 914-245-2965. We’re excited to make sure your child has good tooth health.




At Cohen Family Smiles, your family is our family. We treat our patients with care and kindness. We have easy-to-schedule appointments including weekend and after-school available to fit busy schedules. And our skilled dental team is ready to fulfill all your child’s dental and orthodontic needs (and we do adult orthodontics, too!).

Our patients love our:

  • convenient hours
  • friendly and welcoming staff
  • modern, inviting, and kid-friendly office
  • way of answering questions with patience and honesty
  • accommodating payment plans


Interest-Free Payment Plans for Braces

We work to make braces affordable. We offer interest-free payment plans to help reduce the cost of straightening teeth. Call us to see how we help people get beautiful smiles that build confidence. We offer many types of braces including:



Meet Our Dentists

Dr. Angie Cohen & Dr. Yoni Cohen are each specialists in their respective dental fields and loved by their patients. Dr. Angie Cohen specializes in Pediatric Dentistry, and Dr. Yoni Cohen specializes in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. Learn more about our dentists here.


Cr. Angie Cohen and Dr. Yoni Cohen and family

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