Finding a Special Needs Dentist Near Me

special needs dentist near meSearching for a “special needs dentist near me” can seem overwhelming. In addition, finding a dental provider can be a struggle if you or a loved one has accessibility concerns. While many dental offices are more than equipped to provide dental care for students with accessibility concerns, in some cases finding a specialized special needs dentist is the best fit for you and your family. Here is what to remember when looking for a special needs dentist and how to find an excellent special needs dentist in your area. 


What Is a Special Needs Dentist?

A special needs dentist is trained to care for patients with extra considerations. This includes patients with different levels of mental or physical ability, like those with developmental delays or biological features that can make providing dental care more difficult. In addition, special needs dentists are trained to use specialized tools and medications to provide excellent dental care to individuals with special considerations. 

Special needs dentists have the equipment necessary to provide sedation dentistry and offer extended appointment times for patients requiring more hands-on treatment. In many cases, special needs dentistry means making the dental office more welcoming for individuals with different levels of ability. This can include reducing external stimuli and adjusting lighting levels


How Do I Find a Special Needs Dentist?

In many cases, your family dentist can provide a referral to a special needs dentist. Sometimes, they may even offer special needs dentistry from their office. You can also check a directory of special needs and sedation dentists in your area. While it may take some time to find a special needs dentist in your area, the right special needs dentist will work closely with the patient and their caregivers (if applicable) to create a treatment plan customized for their unique situation. 


What if Problems Arise During the Appointment?

One of the first things that will happen during your first consultation is your special needs dentist will talk with the patient and their caregivers to develop a care regimen that works best for them. As patients are usually the experts regarding their needs, an excellent special needs dentist will discuss potential complications with the patient and their caregivers to ensure everything is planned out in advance. Thankfully, special needs dentists are well trained in handling any problems. 


How Are Special Needs Appointments Handled?

Many special needs appointments are handled the same way as a traditional dental appointment. Your dentist will discuss the treatment plan and help make an appointment; Your dental team will ensure that your visit goes off without a hitch and will be sure to take all necessary steps to ensure your dental care goes smoothly. However, as each special needs appointment is customized for the patient, the result depends on the accessibility features for the patient and the dental treatment needed. Thankfully, talking with a special needs dentist will give you a good idea of what to expect at each individualized appointment.


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