Advantages of a Dental Office with both Pediatric Dental and Orthodontics

Visiting a dental office with pediatric dental services and orthodontics has several advantages. Not only does your child get a continuation of care across the practice, but you don’t have to drive to separate offices to get comprehensive pediatric dental care. By combining both practices into one, not only does your child get complete dental care, but their dental team stays on the same page throughout treatment, leading to better outcomes and less confusion. Here, we look at some of the benefits of pediatric dentistry combined with orthodontics, and how it can benefit patients.

Pediatric Dentist and Orthodontics in one Office

Pediatric dentists strive to make a comforting, supportive environment for patients of all ages.

By working with the youngest dental patients, pediatric dentists can ensure a lifetime of healthy teeth. Pediatric dentists are well-versed in caring for younger patients and know how to make a dental visit less frustrating for young visitors. They are patient with their patients and work to ensure each child understands what is going on and learns how to better care for their teeth.


By combining this comprehensive pediatric dental care with an orthodontic practice, you get exceptional care for your child’s teeth and the best parts of both practices in one place.

For example, orthodontic dentists understand how to treat some of the most common dental problems, from bite alignment issues to crooked teeth. These issues are quite common, and children may need braces or another form of orthodontia to keep their teeth healthy. Instead of going to a separate orthodontist who is less experienced with caring for child patients, you can get comprehensive dental treatment all in one practice. It’s a win-win!


Not only does your child get treatment in the same place, but they don’t have to adjust to a new dentist. This is especially important for nervous children who find going to the dentist a scary, strange experience. Instead of changing to a new team, they can get their pediatric dental care and orthodontics all in one place, lessening stress on them and their parents. 


Combining treatment into one practice means less running around or accidental undoing from different dental teams.

Both sides of your child’s treatment stay on the same page this way, meaning they know exactly what each dentist intends for your child’s dental health. That way, you don’t have a pediatric dentist unaware of your child’s orthodontia or an orthodontist who doesn’t understand whole-mouth health. By combining both practices, your child stays in constant treatment through a consistent team, leading to better outcomes and healthier smiles. It’s always satisfying to work with a team that values your child’s dental health and works together to make miracles happen.


If you’re interested in visiting a dentist who combines pediatric dentistry and orthodontal work, reach out to Cohen Family Smiles at (914) 245-2965. Our team of well-trained pediatric dentists and orthodontists can help ensure your child has the healthiest possible smile. With comprehensive care and compassionate staff, your child is sure to feel welcome at our practice. We look forward to seeing you soon. 


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