Why Infant Oral Exam’s Are Important

Getting dental care as a child helps build a strong base for a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles. Cohen Family Smiles  has a special program for baby oral exams that lets you find a great dental home for your child … Continued

Space Keepers: The Unsung Heroes of Pediatric Oral Health

Preventive measures and early intervention are crucial for children’s oral health. Premature loss of primary (baby) teeth is one frequent worry as it may leave spaces that interfere with the alignment and growth of permanent teeth. We at Georgia Orthodontics … Continued

Top Reasons to Straighten Your Teeth in 2024

There’s more to straightening your teeth than just aesthetics. Straightening your teeth can help with dental issues, from uneven enamel wear to more serious problems such as jaw pain and teeth grinding. Straighter teeth look better, but they wear evenly … Continued

Do Braces Hurt?

Getting braces is an incredibly common dental procedure. Not only do braces help straighten out your teeth, but they can also correct bite alignment issues, leading to a healthier overall smile. However, some people worry, “Do braces hurt?” Thankfully, we’re … Continued

Are Clear Braces Worth It?

Clear braces are a great option for anyone looking to straighten their teeth without the headache of traditional braces. These braces have increased in popularity over the years due to their ease of use, flexibility, and invisibility. While only some … Continued

When Are Toothaches a Concern with Kids?

If your child has a toothache or complains of dental pain, it’s understandable to worry. Some kinds of dental pain are more serious than others and require immediate attention. Here, we discuss some different types of toothaches, when to see … Continued