Dos and Don’ts After Getting Braces

bracesIf you’re new to having braces, you may feel overwhelmed by the care instructions. For example, you should avoid many different foods with your new braces. Here, we cover some more common things to avoid after getting braces and how to care for them. We also discuss when you should speak with your dentist, such as if you break a wire or are experiencing constant pain or other issues. So, without further ado, let’s get into the dos and don’ts of getting braces.

Things to Avoid After Getting Braces

The list can be rather long when avoiding foods after getting your braces. Instead, try and think of the texture and hardness of different foods. Things like apple slices, hard candies, nuts, and more can all potentially bend or break your wires, which is a cause for a visit to your dentist. 


Sticky foods can also break your wires, and they’re more likely to stick to your braces, making them hard to clean off and potentially leading to cavities. This means you want to save caramel and chewing gum after your braces come off. You also want to avoid food that can get stuck in your brackets, like popcorn. Instead, aim to eat softer foods, and be careful of your wires and bands when chewing. Because braces can restrict how wide your mouth opens, try cutting up larger foods to avoid breaking wires or straining your jaw. 

How to Care for Braces

Make sure to follow all instructions from your dentist, and clean your teeth thoroughly. With braces, it’s essential to use specialized flossing tools to clean between your brackets and wires. Otherwise, bacteria and plaque can build up on your teeth, leading to dental issues. Your dental team can help teach you how to care for your braces. You also want to visit your dentist often for adjustments and use any bands or headgear your dentist provides. 


Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day and floss regularly. It’s important to clean around your braces to remove hidden plaque and bits of food. Using mouthwash can help ensure you flush all leftover food from your mouth. 

Common Braces Problems

Standard braces problems include broken or bent wires and bracket problems. These issues require a visit to your dentist, as your braces are not functioning correctly without wires. If your braces dig into your gums, your dentist can provide wax or adjust the wires to prevent further issues. While it’s normal for your teeth to be sore after your braces are adjusted, visit your dentist if you experience sharp or abnormal pain. It would be best if you also visited your dentist for regular cleanings after getting braces, as plaque can build up behind your braces and lead to issues down the road. 


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