Should I Use a Pediatric Dentist For My Kids?

Deciding on whether to use a Pediatric dentist for your kids and weighing the choices can seem daunting. Rest assured, we understand the struggle and want to help! We will attempt to make the process as easy on you as possible. It’s simply a matter of learning the facts and things to consider about what a Pediatric dentist can do for your child vs. a general dentist. The questions you may want to ask yourself are, “What is the environment like?” “Will my child feel comfortable or safe?” “Why is a Pediatric dentist potentially the best choice for my child’s dental needs?” Let’s take a look and see some of the facts and options to consider.


What’s Different About A Pediatric Dentist?

First of all, what exactly can a Pediatric dentist do for your child that differs from taking them to a regular dentist? For starters, a Pediatric dentist specializes in working with facial jaw anatomy in children. They have studied intensively and learned everything about the human jaw, teeth and gums and how they work specifically within a young child’s body. This gives them an advantage in their ability to offer precise care for your child or grandchild when seeing a dentist.


Secondly, a Pediatric dentist usually chooses this particular line of work because they have a heart for working with children. You’ll  find their personal nature and ability to serve families by keeping parents’ minds at ease and their kids safe and comfortable during dental procedures has become a rewarding and satisfying vocation. It’s helpful to know you have someone caring for your child that specifically chose to work with children in their career.


Pediatric Dentist’s Office

Another consideration when asking yourself, “Should I use a Pediatric dentist for my kids”, would be to look at the environment and atmosphere offered at a Pediatric dentist versus a general dentistry office. On one hand, going to a general dental office may have a very pleasant atmosphere and environment suitable for adults, but a child may feel it looks like any other office. It may appear calm, but not necessarily memorable or inviting to help the child feel at ease. Where a Pediatric dental office will most likely appear very colorful, exciting and worth remembering to the child and seem more welcoming to them. In this way, when the child has to come back for return visits and checkups, the parent shouldn’t have too much of a struggle getting the child to come to their appointment.


How They Make Your Child Feel Comfortable and Safe

One other important consideration with making the choice to use a Pediatric dentist for your child is understanding how much attention to detail goes into providing the comfort level and safety for your child while undergoing a procedure. The Pediatric dental practices actually utilize various special equipment to assist in keeping your child safe, calm, and out of discomfort as often as possible. Gentle gas masks, or an occasional medicine may be used to help a child remain calm and still for their safety during a procedure.


Entertainment such as headphones, electronic tablets, and TV monitors playing children’s cartoons are often readily available within the Pediatric dentistry offices to help a child feel at ease and increase their sense of welcome. Sometimes you’ll find beautifully themed office atmospheres resembling a circus, underwater environment, or even TV character themes or movie themes. This creates a more relaxed atmosphere and makes the whole dental visit experience less stressful for both the child and the parent or caregiver.


What We Offer At Cohen Family Smiles

Here at Cohen Family Smiles we take extra care to help your child feel safe and comfortable during all of their dental procedures.  If you have questions about our facility or what services we off our patients, feel free to call us at (914) 245-2965.  You can also request an appointment for your child here online.

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