What Are the Benefits of Clear Braces?

clear bracesClear braces like Invisalign have been around since the 90s and quickly became the braces of choice for many dental patients. While clear braces may not work for everyone, they can be a helpful tool to straighten your smile and adjust your bite alignment without the downfalls of traditional braces. Let’s take a look at the benefits of clear braces, as well as how they compare to conventional braces.

Nearly Invisible

One of the main benefits of clear braces is that they are nearly invisible. In addition, some styles of clear braces can help brighten your teeth due to a white tint. Either way, one of the benefits of clear braces is that you can hardly tell you’re wearing them when they’re on. Gone are the days of wire braces and middle school smiles. 


Clear braces straighten your teeth without causing discomfort or making you embarrassed about your smile. With no wires, rubber bands, and no fuss, these braces are perfect for adults looking to straighten their teeth or teens hoping to avoid the awkwardness of braces. 


Tough and Long-Lasting

Clear braces are made to hold up to the wear and tear of daily life. While you should permanently remove your clear braces before eating, these braces are made to hold their shape over time while steadily moving your teeth into place. Your dentist will provide several sets of clear retainers to help move your teeth into place over time. These retainers hold their shape and are easy to clean. 


Less Gum Irritation

Clear braces are incredibly comfortable and easy to wear compared to the irritation of wires and fittings against your gums. Most patients don’t notice the retainers and find them comfortable to wear. With clear braces, you don’t have to worry about using wax on wires and fittings, adjusting rubber bands, or dealing with the hassle of a snapped wire. Clear braces may be an excellent choice if you have sensitive gums or are prone to gum irritation and infection. 


Less Overall Pain and Discomfort

As mentioned above, clear braces are less likely to cause you pain. In addition, due to the gradual adjustments made by your dentist across several sets of retainers, clear braces are less likely to cause pain. By moving your teeth gradually instead of making significant changes on each visit, clear braces can cause less discomfort over time. On top of this, clear braces have a lower profile, meaning they won’t rub against your gums or lips. 


If you’re worried about pain or discomfort with braces, clear braces can minimize both of these and bring you closer to the smile of your dreams. 


Gain Confidence in Your Smile 

Like traditional braces, clear braces can help increase your confidence in your smile. However, with clear braces, you can immediately start the process to finish to show off your smile. In addition, clear braces allow you to move your teeth gradually without visually impacting your smile, allowing you to smile confidently, knowing you’re improving your overall dental health.


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